Never Too Old for a Yummy Christmas Tree

This year, a simple, food-themed baby tree with entirely handmade decorations adorns my brick loft.


I strung up some stale candy and yogurt pretzels and sprayed it down with hair spray.

I usually trim the bendy ends off my straws so they can fit in cocktail glasses. I collected them and made a colourful garland for my tree.


Imagine me sitting on the sugar dusted floor, nibbling on candy and licking stickiness from my fingers while stringing decorations like a kindergartener.


No one is too old for this, trust me.


Merry Christmas! I wish you and your family a harmonious holiday filled with joy, warmth and an abundance of delicious food!

Please remember the less fortunate amidst the celebration and share where you can.

Did you decorate this holiday?


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