Plastic: that’s a wrap!

Abeego food wrapIf you are like me you are increasingly conscious of the unsustainable and polluting use of plastic wrap in the cooking process. I use it for both mise en place and left-overs, and for other food prep techniques as well such as forming, tenderizing, marinating, etc. This past Sunday I was wandering around the Government Street Market in Victoria with my daughter and came across a stall with an ingenious product intended to replace much of the plastic wrap now used in the kitchen.

The stall was staffed by the inventor of the product, Toni Desrosiers. She gave me a thorough demonstration of how the product works. Abeego is made from a hemp/cotton fabric coated with beeswax and plant extracts. It has a very nice feel and a light scent of honey. The fabric forms easily into various shapes and clings to the tops of dishes due to the slight stickiness of the coating. It is to be washed in cold soapy water and re-used. Toni claims the product will last up to a year if treated properly.

I have yet to purchase any, but I intend to. It is a bit of an investment and represents a change in habits for sure. However, I think of it as going back to the way things should be and leaving behind the false convenience of a product that shouldn’t be used in any case.

Anyone else have tips on how to reduce the use of plastic in the kitchen? Any other products to share?


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