Who’s Got the Most Creative Dessert Menu?

Dessert Trio from Boulevard in SF

Which restaurants do YOU think have the most creative desserts?

99% of the time when I eat out, I order desserts. In the past few years though, compared to how interesting and mind-boggling savory dishes have become, I haven’t seen an equal progression in their sweet counterpart. A lot of it seems like an after though, an easy way out, just something to have on the menu. I understand a lot of restaurants can’t afford to hire a pastry chef, and that might be a valid reason.

So I would like to ask opinions of all readers about what restaurant they think have the most creative (and yummy) dessert menu. And to be a little more specific, by creative I mean they do not contain one of the following ubiquitous items:

1) a creme brulee  2) a cheesecake 3) some incarnation of apple pie/tart/crumble/etc. 4) Soft-centered chocolate cake whether it goes by “molten,” “lava,” or by any other name.

Exceptions, however, are made for an extremely unique twist or flavor variation or combination of any of the above items.

Can’t wait to try them!

Pailin Chongchitnant


4 Responses to “Who’s Got the Most Creative Dessert Menu?”

  1. Posted on October 4th, 2010

    Palin, you’ve hit on one of my nerves. I was a professional pastry chef and it irks me how little attention dessert gets paid in most restaurants. As a result, I rarely order dessert — and if I do, I’m pretty darn picky.

    In Vancouver, Boneta does a beautiful job. Interesting flavours and textures, beautiful plating and good attention to detail.

    Also – add lemon tart to your ubiquitous list.

  2. Posted on October 4th, 2010

    yes, lemon tart, absolutely belongs on the list. And you’re right about Boneta, I just checked out the dessert menu and it does sound very intriguing! I’ve been there a couple of years ago, and remember it to be wonderful. Must try again, thank you!

  3. Posted on October 9th, 2010

    While not really a “restaurant” I go to a Arabic bakery often and they have different desserts.

    One is semolina dough and in the middle is a mozzarella or else a simlar mild cheeese and them more dough on top.
    This is eaten warmed up and sometimes in a sesame bun.
    -the people working there told me this was a “breakfast item” but to me it seems to sweet for that.

    or they have a baklava like pastry but it is filled with Ashta heavy-like cream.
    they only have these on weekends as the pastry does not stay fresh long.
    These are so good!

    the bakery I go to is
    their website has pictures and descriptions of the items they make.

    common desserts at other restaurants I know Milestones has a “chocolat pot de creme”
    -fancy way of saying chocolate pudding,lol

    chocolate mousse
    pecan pie

    I worked at a restaurant for 6 months and for co-op making desserts and what they had on the menu was pecan pie,bread pudding mad with day old breads.

  4. Posted on November 14th, 2010

    The best and most creative Gelato place in Vancouver is Bella Gelateria:

    There are 24 flavours (not 500) that are made daily and with organic Avalon milk. The creative part is the featured flavours like:

    – Saffron Rosewater
    – Choco Chili
    – Cinnamon and Ginger

    It is soooo good. You must try it.

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