Who’s Got the Most Creative Dessert Menu?

Dessert Trio from Boulevard in SF

Which restaurants do YOU think have the most creative desserts?

99% of the time when I eat out, I order desserts. In the past few years though, compared to how interesting and mind-boggling savory dishes have become, I haven’t seen an equal progression in their sweet counterpart. A lot of it seems like an after though, an easy way out, just something to have on the menu. I understand a lot of restaurants can’t afford to hire a pastry chef, and that might be a valid reason.

So I would like to ask opinions of all readers about what restaurant they think have the most creative (and yummy) dessert menu. And to be a little more specific, by creative I mean they do not contain one of the following ubiquitous items:

1) a creme brulee  2) a cheesecake 3) some incarnation of apple pie/tart/crumble/etc. 4) Soft-centered chocolate cake whether it goes by “molten,” “lava,” or by any other name.

Exceptions, however, are made for an extremely unique twist or flavor variation or combination of any of the above items.

Can’t wait to try them!

Pailin Chongchitnant


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