Liberty Needs Your Help!

Liberty Wine Merchants is aiming to open a store at the old Wazubee’s location near Commercial Dr and 1st Ave, and they need your help. 

They already have approval from the local business association, but they City wants them to prove there is community support for the store.  They’re holding information sessions and collecting signatures from the public at 1622 Commercial Dr on May 5, 7 and 8, between 1:00 and 5:00 pm.  

Ultimately, the space will be split in half, with Liberty on one side and a new restaurant on the other (an added bonus!).  The people at Liberty were quick to point out that the restaurant would be an independent vs a chain. 

It’s no secret that the selection at the regular liquor store down the street is less than great.  Other nearby options for cold beer and wine include Avanti, Toby’s and the Waldorf…handy but not exactly your first choice on most occasions.  Liberty will carry wines from around the world (97% of which are not carried by the regular liquor store), in all price points, but focusing on great value wines in the $20 range. 

This location is replacing the Robson store due to the termination of their lease.  They will offer the same services as all the other locations:  knowledgeable staff, tastings, case discounts, delivery service, newsletters and email lists for up to date news on special offers, new arrivals and upcoming special events. 

This would be such a welcome addition to the neighbourhood…please drop by and give them your support!


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