Crazy for CocoaNymp Chocolates & Confections

Mark & Ben sample delicious chocolate creations of Rachel Sawatzky at CocoaNymph in Vancouver.

I love chocolate (who doesn’t really?) and Ben frankly has an unhealthy obsession with the dark brown delights (you’d be well advised not to leave any quality chocolate goodies out if he’s around), so when we were told about a passionate chocolatier hand-making artisanal chocolates and confections right in our backyard, we had to meet her. One recent Sunday morning a few of the Foodists made a beeline to CocoaNymph Chocolate & Confections along with our volunteer video crew, Nathan and Ryan to capture our quirky encounter on tape.

No matter what suggestive innuendoes or goofiness we threw at CocoaNymph owner Rachel Sawatzky, she was the consumate professional and a good sport about the whole thing. She didn’t even flinch when Ben sat down at the piano and start banging on the keys and I asked her to dance. The kinkiest bit we were able to extract from Rachel was the comment “You’re dealing with naked ganache here.” It was a lot of fun and we left with bellies (and pockets) full of some of the yummiest chocolate we’ve ever eaten.

Thanks Rachel for inviting us into your shop for a behind the scenes tour and showing us some of the basics of chocolate-making. It was a delight. CocoaNymph Chocolates & Confections is located at 3739 W. 10th Ave (at Alma) in Vancouver. Keep up to date with what Rachel and her crew are making fresh each week by following them on Twitter at @CocoaNymph.

Watch the video:

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