I love chicken, I love liver

Chicken Livers on the Grill

Though I really don’t want Meow Mix to please deliver I had really hoped that Sunday dinner at my aunt and uncle’s had delivered better. Lured by the promise of a yummy chicken liver dinner I made the trek up to their place up in North Van.

Sitting down to dinner, I was sorely disappointed as my uncle cooked the chicken livers using a Martha Stewart recipe that involved barely cooking them in a red wine, butter and herb sauce. This might sound good, but it wasn’t. They were slimey, floppy and tasteless. And even though my uncle is not Greek I was expecting them to be cooked the Greek way, which is pretty easy.

Start by cutting up the livers into bite sized pieces, season with salt, pepper and dried oregano. Then pan fry them in olive oil until cooked but still slightly pink in the centre. Let them cool off while you prep the bacon by partially cooking it until it’s still pliable. Once the bacon cools off, wrap each chicken liver in bacon and fasten with a toothpick. Place these tasty morsels under the broiler and cook until the bacon is crisp. Serve warm, cold or even take them to the park and warm them up on the BBQ as we did at last weekend’s Foodists get together.

They were much more satisfying for me than my Sunday liver dinner!

Does this look good? Well it wasn't! This is the unsatisfying dinner.


2 Responses to “I love chicken, I love liver”

  1. Posted on August 10th, 2011

    One bad liver meal can turn you off for a long, long time.

  2. Posted on August 16th, 2011

    Haha, I love the comparison. Good job Sylvia!

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