IBC Great Boo Award

Every now and again at IBC we award The Great Boo Award to our favourite drink. It is in honour of Mark’s Great Uncle Boo, who was a narcoleptic. He slept long and late, sometimes for days so when he finally woke up, there was much celebration in Mark’s house. At the moment of Great Uncle Boo’s awakening, bells would ring and the Busse family would announce “Great Boo’s Up!” and they would toast with whatever alcohol was at hand.

As we are all now more worldly, sophisticated and knowledgeable about alcohol, we like to give the Great Boo Award to a new beverage that has tantalized our palates and made us warm inside. On a recent trip to New York, our intrepid traveller Paul Wallace returned with a bottle of Russian Vodka called Imperia.

The vodka world is quite an interesting place, as there are many more fancy brands out there today than in the time of Great Uncle Boo. From Belevedere (Poland) to Grey Goose (France) to Ketel One (Holland) they come in elegant frosted glass bottles and all claim to be smooth and fine with a clean or subtle finish. But ultimately we have to ask ourselves, who knows more about vodka than the Russians? Imperia is the #1 Luxury vodka over there, so it must be worth a try if you’re into your martinis.

The tricky thing about Imperia is that it’s not available everywhere, so you’ll have to track it down. If you get your hands on a bottle don’t mess it up with a mixer, just pour it straight over some ice or make a martini straight up.

So Imperia wins this Great Boo Award for our favourite drink. Check them out at


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