Spot Prawning With Foodists (video)

Spot Prawns Foodists Organic Ocean

Foodists Chad, Mark and Ben strap on their sea legs and go prawning with Organic Ocean in a very secret location.

Foodists is a collective of obsessed food fanatics, and as such our relationship with where our food comes from is super important to us. Many of our motley crew live in British Columbia, home of the spot prawn (Pandalus Platyceros), arguably one the most sustainable seafoods indigenous to BC waters.

So when spot prawn season arrived this year, we figured it was time to get our hands dirty—or wet in this case—and experience prawning for ourselves. We asked Captain Steve Johansen from Organic Ocean if he’d allow us to pose as crew (nod to real crew members Frank and Kieran for putting up with us) and ride along for a day on the water as they hunted spot prawns at their secret fishing spots around Howe Sound.

We brought along our videographer Nathan and captured the experience to share with you.

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