Chinese Soul Food

Chinese Soul Food. Photo by Kaishin Chu © 2013

Chinese Soul Food. Photo by Kaishin Chu © 2013

I finally got around to making renditions of some favorite dishes of mine from the Yunnan and Hunan cuisine, as well as a Hakka dish that I learned from my father. I had invited a few friends who share my love for spicy regional Chinese cuisine over for this soul food dinner, as it’s meant to be shared with friends or family.

Top Right Photo: Clockwise from bottom left, Chili Diced Potato stir fry (Hunan), Chili Mixed Mushroom Garlic Stir fry (Yunnan), Ma Po Tofu (Hakka), Hakkanese Bai Qie Ji (‘white cut‘ (poached cut) chicken with ginger/garlic/scallion dip)

Top Left Photo: soon-to-be Grilled eggplant with Hunan styled cumin seasoning and chilis. This dish I still need to improve on. I had forgotten just how much oil eggplants can soak up, so the grilled dish was a bit dry. I think I will add a bit of liquid to the pan, so that as the surface grills, the bottom will stay moist and soften the eggplants more evenly.


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