Gourmet Triple “O” Sauce?

There’s a strange new advertising trend in Vancouver recently. Top echelon celebrity restaurateurs like John Bishop and Iron Chef winner Rob Feenie, who already have to worry about over exposing themselves on television, are now are appearing in TV ads espousing the accolades of White Spot‘s burgers and fries. They’re even selling their cookbooks at White Spot locations! This just doesn’t seem to make sense. Why would gourmet chefs of that stature risk it all by endorsing the burger joint across the street? Don’t they think this is rather “off brand” and a risky move for a quick paycheck? It makes one wonder what grand strategy these gastronomic entrepreneurs are employing or if they are getting caught up in their own celebrity status? Aren’t there more important things back in their own kitchens to worry about rather than how fresh the food is at a notoriously mediocre burger joint? Mind you, White Spot’s Double Double burger with Triple “O” Sauce is really quite yummy.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the unbelievably terrible advertisements that Feenie has run for his restaurants on the back of local buses. I’ll leave that for others to rant over.


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