London Mojitos

When I go out with friends we drink beer, or vodka, or tequila, or a combination of the aforementioned drinks. Would ever dream of going out with 2 friends and drinking Mojitos? Never…

But when I was in London for a recent vacation, Mojitos seemed to be the hip drink to have. And why not? They’re colourful, tasty and above all a pain in the butt for the bartender to make so you feel like you’re getting your value for the 9 quid you gotta shell out to buy one! I had a few around town but the best was at the Crazy Bear in Soho. Not only was the vibe cool, but there were mirrors on all the tables and the washroom was 100% mirrors! Not to private if you’re standing at the urinal, but I was the only one in there so it didn’t matter. Not to get too caught up in the Mojito hype I did make sure to sample plenty of beer, and vodka, and tequila!


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