A substitute for wine?

I was running through a great recipe from Rouxbe yesterday, Chicken Saltimbocca, and ran into an all too familiar situation. The recipe called for 4oz of white wine which left…well…almost an open full bottle of wine which left me no option but to be consumed. Faced with the option of polishing off a bottle of wine after every cooking experiment or figure out a solution to my problem, I turned to my office full of foodies for advice.

So what are the substitutes for wine in cooking? Our collective thoughts so far…

1) Check out this list of substitutes for alcohol and use appropriately. PROS: Non alcoholic options for cooking. CON: concoctions are often complex with varied ingredients.

2) Freeze wine ice cube trays and reheat as necessary. PROS: Using the real thing! CONS: Freezing the wine will undoubtedly alter the taste.

What other solutions do people have?


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