Jellyfish Hot Dogs


You heard me, that’s what I made my son for lunch today…and it was actually pretty good. The idea for it came when I saw this posting at I found it amusing that they made something he likes seeing at the aquarium out of two of his favorite food groups: beef hot dogs & noodles. I realized we had all the ingredients to try this out, so here goes…


First step was cutting up a couple hot dogs into the jellyfish caps, allowing for enough room to stab the raw noodles into.


We used regular spaghetti noodles which sometimes break with handling. Take in mind how much they expand; these were snapped in half and pushed in about 2/3rds in.


Into the salted boiling water…the noodles got soft soon enough and started to look pretty cool.


As the BoingBoing article showed, the noodles do stay connected to the hot dogs (although they don’t cook as well inside the mystery meat and are slightly crunchy). Adding some Classico tomato sauce and grated Pecorino Romano took it up a notch and made it both very tasty and kid friendly.


See? I still prefer eating real jellyfish but this is certainly a fun start…enjoy!


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