I found Babylon

This is going to come across like one of those, “Yeah, but I was going there way back when people didn’t even know about this place” diatribes, but it’s true…I remember this awesome hole-in-the-wall before the lines, before the buzz, before the price hikes (okay, they haven’t happened yet so hurry).

I stumbled upon it innocently enough. I was just walking by on a rainy winter afternoon, but like the USS Enterprise at the mercy of an alien tractor beam, I was helpless to its pull. I speak of course of the intoxicating aroma that spills out the door, something about the smell of meat on spit – impossible to resist. Stepping inside is like stepping out of Vancouver and into a street bazaar in Baghdad (pre-U.S. fucking it up) it’s hot, it smells exotic and it’s crowded, intimate. It’s a Middle-East holiday for less than six bucks.

This is Shawarma heaven, or as the name states, Babylon – a holy place for those that love what has been referred to as the Arabian Taco. Calling this place Babylon is not an exagerration, the tastes are heavely. Go, you will not be disappointed. I’ve sent many a friend and they have all found a reason to return. It’s located on the 700 block of Robson Street, right across from Sears. Just look for the line-up out the door.

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  1. Posted on June 22nd, 2006

    I’ve been there “way back when people didn’t know about the place”. I can confirm, it’s damn good!

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