Thanksgiving Trends

Thanksgiving is pretty universal. OK….. pretty universal in North America. Except for the month difference between Canada and the US. And the fact that the populations of Canada and the US are comprised of a large portion of immigrants who don’t have Thanksgiving as part of their culture. OK…. so Thanksgiving itself isn’t that universal, but getting together with family, friends just about anyone for some turkey and wine makes for a good weekend.

Wherever you make turkey there are some staples: Turkey (isn’t that a good one to start the list with… I’m smrt!), potatoes, stuffing, veggies and some booze. Everyone who makes a turkey dinner also has their own flavor that they add. I was invited to a friends house for thanksgiving dinner and was treated to a delicious nut cake with a mushroom sauce on top which was a staple of their thanksgiving tradition. My parents have always made turkey (thanksgiving or christmas) with bacon cooked on top. (highly recommended!). This got me thinking as to what personal touch others put on their Thanksgiving meals. What’s yours?


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