Wings ‘n’ Beer

A group of friends and myself have gone out for wings and beer every Tuesday night for 5 years. Sometimes it’s just two of us and sometimes it’s upwards of 15. It’s a great way for people to catch up as friends disperse and travel the world. For the longest time we were going to Elwoods on Broadway but in the last year they have renovated, changed the menu, increased prices so we have started to look elsewhere for our Tuesday night hang. We were at the 5 Points (on Main and 15th) but it’s loud and often too crowded to get a table for 4 or 5. Looking for other places we have realized that it is hard to find a place for wings and beer (or other food), in a great atmosphere. Is that too much to ask?


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  1. Posted on November 12th, 2006

    Those wings look really tasteeeee!!!

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