Ten Dollar Butter

Today I was picking up supplies at La Grotta Del Formaggio, one of my favourite Commercial Drive delis, and noticed some fresh creamery butter amongst their fabulous selection of cheeses. Made by Beppino Occelli and imported from Italy, this is some special butter indeed – it’s ten dollars for 250g! The packaging says it comes “WITH COW EMBOSSING” (the shape of a cow embossed onto the butter itself) which actually sounds kind of gross. Anyway, I’m game to try anything once, so I bought a package of this very special creamery butter and will serve it to my guests at an upcoming feast next weekend and report the results. Mmmmmm…cow embossing.

UPDATE: OK, I’ll admit it: this is GOOD butter. Almost cheesy in flavour, with an earthy, complex taste and velvety smooth texture. Fantastic on French baguette. Oh my.


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