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Admit it, it’s fun to tease vegetarians. They’re often so frail and pasty white, each with cute personal rationales why they won’t eat anything with eyeballs. How crazy is that? I’ve even been known to say silly things like “Vegetarians should be in jail” (on National Radio no less). Anyway, those days are over my foodie friends.

We’ve met a couple capable of cooking vegetarian cuisine so good you’ll wonder why you felt compelled to eat meat in the first place. And they’re not even hippies or meat-Nazis either! Please welcome Edan and Denise Armstrong to “Foodists” and watch for great stories, reviews and recipes from this special pair of foodies – we even gave them their own new category “Vegetarian”. Just don’t look to them for veal recipes any time soon.

Welcome Edan and Denise!


2 Responses to “New Vegetarian Contributors”

  1. Posted on February 22nd, 2007



    We don’t bite. Well, Mark does. But he’s good at it.


  2. Posted on January 23rd, 2010

    People who say brainless things like vegetarians are frail and pasty white and belong in jail are the reason why the atmosphere between vegs and non-vegs is so bad.

    Face it, if you wanna be a foodist with an enlighted appetite such poor, childish opinions just do not mix with it.

    Enlighted always means that you are open minded, not that you show immature behaviour, acting like a spoiled child not wanting to eat the vegetables.

    But what a surprise, most people eat non-meat products with their meat dishes,how strange?

    So why do you show such racist behaviour if anything dares to be labeled veg*?

    It is not as if your potatoe, carrot or pumpkin is miraculously transformed into something alien.

    You complain about agressive vegetarians, but you get what you give.

    If you are respectless, you will get no respect from the people you attack.

    If you wanna have your fun with stirring people up do not complain later that you get unfortunate reactions

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