Bugs at Vij’s?

Apparently the rumours are true. Vikram and his wife Meeru—ever keen to save the planet with green choices—have introduced environmentally sustainable and good for you BUGS to their menu. I’ve eaten bugs before, but never as crunchy bits in a curry or as a ground component in paratha (Indian flatbread)—the first dish on the menu to feature roasted crickets!

I wonder how this will go over with Vij’s loyal followers used to their more gourmet offerings? Anyone up to go try it?

Vij’s is located 1480 W 11th Avenue in Vancouver, BC; (604) 736-6664,

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One Response to “Bugs at Vij’s?”

  1. Posted on May 29th, 2009

    I *finally* had a chance to go try this, almost a year later. Verdict: meh.

    Since they’re served in parathas they’re more of an ingredient than a feature, which means they don’t really stand out. The spicy chutney on the side ends up being the dominant flavour, so picking out the protein from the starch was almost impossible.

    It’s not a bad dish, just not as interesting as I’d have hoped for the amount of coverage it got last year.

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