One Meal To Save The Planet


If we celebrated Earth Meal – one meal to save the planet – instead of , what would you eat?

Would you pick local, organic, raw, vegan?  What factors would you consider, if any? How would you prepare it? Barbeque, stir fry, slow braise or just make a sandwich? What choices and/or compromises would you make?

So what would your menu be if we were all trying to save the planet one meal at a time? 


2 Responses to “One Meal To Save The Planet”

  1. Posted on March 28th, 2009

    Provocative question with no real answer. Local, organic or vegan, while virtuous, are not without their flaws. Ultimately, I would vote for a cold beer for everyone, or better yet, fried peppers and sausages.

  2. Posted on March 30th, 2009

    I would eat an all raw-food diet. Local produce. No cooking (therefore no electricity spent), and the full benefits of the nutritional value of the raw fruits and veggies. Not to mention almost no waste, except for compostable bits.

    While I am currently not a full-fledged vegetarian/vegan, I could see this being a great way to save the planet.

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