Purloined Menu for Fall, 2008

Charcuterie platter available on Purloined restaurant.

Author’s Note

Purloined is a fictional restaurant based on my home cooking and whimsy. If I did have a restaurant, this would be the menu. Though I couldn’t stand cooking the same dishes night after night.

All of these items, or at least the ideas for them, have been stolen from elsewhere. Cookbooks, newspapers, TV shows, restaurants. In this grazed world, everything is fair game as a source to be purloined.

We’re taking reservations in the Comments.


Crostini platter • basket of French bread crostinis • herb butter • pan relish spread • seasonal charcuterie • select cheeses • mixed olives

Grilled mixed vegetables • peppers, gourds and roots • savoury humous • chilled tzatziki • select flatbreads

Raw vegetables and dip • seasonal cut veggies • daily dips

Ants on a log • celery sticks • peanut butter • Sun Maid raisins

Kettle-popped popcorn • salted and drizzled melted butter

Bowls of Cheezies • Hawkins’ Cheezies • 3 blue bowls

Chips and dip • Old Dutch Rip-L chips • onion dip


(all salads served with crostini)

Stripped Ceasar • romaine lettuce • extra-virgin olive oil • aged parmesan • rosemary croutons • lime-juice vinegrette

Candied Salmon • candied chum salmon • baby spinach • grilled red peppers • smoked gouda • red-wine vinegrette

Brisket Bits • savoury-herb crusted brisket • fall salad greens • shallots • celery stalks and fronds • seasonal herbs


Sesame-Seed Bagel Gala • toasted sesame seed bagel • softened brie • maple butter • gala apple slices • served open-face

Grilled Cheese and Onion Sandwich • melted emmenthal • melted swiss • wine-softened Walla Walla onions • thick-sliced rye bread • served open-face

Back Bacon Sandwich • basil pesto • aged white cheddar • thin-sliced tomatoes • romaine lettuce • toasted multigrain bread

Roasted Chilies Beef Chili • roasted ancho peppers • roasted bell peppers • beef chuck • chorizo sausage • sour cream • chives • thick-sliced rye toast


Bus-Driver’s Baked Eggs • daily fresh ingredients • breadcrumb-herb crust • Yukon Gold pan fries • thick-sliced rye toast • strawberry-rhubard jam

Pan-Seared Ling Cod • dried mushroom crust • bed of citrus salts • Yukon Gold pan fries • mashed yams • crostinis

Leg of Pork • roasted carrots • wine-glazed shallots • porter-jus reduction • herb mashed potatoes • a pig this good, you don’t eat him all at once

Wet-Roasted Beef Brisket • savoury-herb crust • shallot-leek pan relish • baked Yukon Gold potato • fall salad greens

Roast Turkey • breadcrumb stuffing • pan gravy • mashed potatoes • steamed broccoli • fall salad greens


Hot Daily Crisp • fresh seasonal berries • cinnamon-granola crust • French vanilla ice cream

Pa’s Special • French vanilla ice cream • fresh seasonal berries • warmed maple syrup

Peach-Vanilla Milkshake • Okanagan peaches • Mexican vanilla extract • vanilla-bean ice cream • spearmint garnish


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