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Owner Peter Davidson

A little while ago my wife and I were at a friend’s house for lunch. One of our discoveries as new parents socializing with other new parents is the dinner-at-lunch. Guess we can call it lunner. For the uninitiated, as we were that morning when we arrived, that also means midday booze – yeah, drinks, nice wine, full show. We’ve become quite the fans.

So, that day, we were offered a nice selection of all Canadian cheeses. Now, I know there are simply amazing cheeses available here, especially in BC and Quebec, the latter producing some products that can stand on their own next to some of the best of France. Now, that’s saying a hell of a lot coming from someone totally in love with French cheese. In fact, my eyes were opened on a recent trip to France that generally speaking, the most amazing French cheeses never leave the country – there just isn’t enough of it being made, and it likely wouldn’t travel well, or even been legal here.

Turns out, the reason the cheese plate was only offering up our country’s cheeses is that they were all purchased at Mount Pleasant Cheese, and guess what? They are all Canadian.

Owner of Mount Pleasant Cheese, Peter Davidson, sums up the store concept this way:  “The greatest joy is for us to see the smiles on peoples’ faces when they try a cheese and are blown away by the flavours and texture of a fabulous Canadian cheese.”  With over 150 choices of Canadian artisan cheeses Mount Pleasant Cheese has the most extensive range of Canadian artisan cheeses in Western Canada.  Most of the offerings are from Quebec and BC, but there are some selections from Alberta (gouda for lactose intolerants), Manitoba (cheddar), Ontario (goat, semi-soft), New Brunswick (blue) and PEI (cheddar).

And all from right here on Cambie Street beside the Park Theatre. Only in Canada you say? Pity.


3 Responses to “Mount Pleasant Cheese”

  1. Posted on March 4th, 2009

    Yup, a wonderful place. And so close to us, too. Yummy!

  2. Posted on March 4th, 2009

    I love that place

  3. Posted on March 7th, 2009

    This is so close to my house. Can’t wait to check it out.

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