Tap News from the Alibi: 03/20/09

A pint

This is the second update in a week, because they’re going through beer like crazy at the Alibi and kegs are changing quickly (a group of Foodists were there last night… coincidence?) Here’s the news:

3 New Casks:

Driftwood Saison – conditioned with a mitt full of black pepper.
Dave Varga’s I.P.A. – not dry hopped this time. it’s been conditioning since feb 7th.
Swans Vanilla Porter. A mild porter with a month on a handful of vanilla beans. Slightly sweet. Subtle, delish.

Keg News:

– Nigel managed to get his hands on a keg of Lost Coast Indica I.P.A. (juicy, hazy, hoppy, wicked), pouring only at the Alibi.
– Longwood’s 1000 seven-month aged doppelbock. (Just amazing. Harley really nailed a difficult german style – Nigel)
(also picked up a cask of harley’s text book perfect e.s.b.)
– Last drips of Iain Hill’s Ould Bruin.

Top Image by Virginia Zuluaga


3 Responses to “Tap News from the Alibi: 03/20/09”

  1. Posted on March 20th, 2009

    Thank you for diligently updating!
    Mmm, vanilla porter sounds wonderful.

  2. Posted on March 21st, 2009

    Driftwood is quickly becoming my favourite BC brewer. Their signature pale ale is unexpectedly good, and their wit (White Bark) is even verging on greatness.

    The Driftwood Saison is one of the most competent North American attempts at that style I’ve had, but it’s not their strongest IMO. Though I’m definitely up for checking it out on tap.

  3. Posted on March 23rd, 2009

    I agree. I have been very impressed by everything that I’ve had from them. It seems that the Island has once again become a hot-bed for excellent BC beer.

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