Ron’s Back…Ribs

I’ve mentioned Rockin’ Ronnie Shewchuck here before. He’s one of the original local competitive bbq gurus, and author of two, dare I say, defacto, books on bbq: Barbeque Secrets and Planking Secrets. He’s also been basically missing from the scene for over a year, until now. Just now, mere days leading up to the Canadian National BBQ Championships in Whistler, BC (Yes, of course I’m going), I received an email from Ron announcing his return to the circuit at this year’s competion, but also a new cookbook featuring recipies from both books plus a whole bunch of new ones.

Called Barbeque Secrets Deluxe, seems like it should maybe be called, The Barbeque Secrets Bible. Would be even more fitting in the religious south, bbq’s birthplace. You can follow along with Ron’s progress on the book and new recipies on his blog, Barbeque Secrets. And that’s not all! Ron’s been busy creating a line of sauces. I’m a huge fan of House of Q’s sauces, so am anxious to try Ronnie & Denzel’s line. I’ll pick some up in Whistler if he’s selling them out of the Butt Shredder’s tent. I’ll let you know how they compare, and report back on Whistler next week.


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