Old Or New?

egg beater

Is anyone else sick of ‘new stuff’ for the kitchen?  I’ve had it. Plastic, ‘ergonomic’, basically disposable junk is making me mad.  It’s not just the big dopey ‘slow kid crayon’ aesthetic, but more often than not, this stuff feels flimsy. Even the high end shops like Sur La Table are overrun with this stuff.

It seems like the tools I get the best use out of in my kitchen are from flea markets, or hand-me-downs.  Old Pyrex bowls and butter dishes are a delight. We snagged the best egg beater I’ve ever used for $5 at a flea market. And don’t even get me started on cast iron. If you learn how to season and maintain those things, they kick the pants off of the non-stick stuff.
It worked for my Granny, and it’s working for me.

Am I the only one?  Half a century down the road many of these utensils still feel good to use, and work as well as the day they were sold. I doubt in fifty years anyone will miss (or be able to use) a neon green microplane with a football shaped handle.


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