Home is where the food is

Home is where the food is - animated short by Jody Kramer

"Home is where the food is" - an animated short by Jody Kramer

I can’t count the times I’ve heard Mark say, “There’s something about being creative and loving food that goes hand-in-hand.” On top of that, I certainly can’t count the instances where I’ve seen his words validated. The above image is an example of just that, an animated short by Jody Kramer for the 100 Mile Diet Society:

From “The Juki Museum” on Vimeo:

“This is a short film I made for the 100 Mile Diet Society in Vancouver, BC. The film follows every ingredient of a delicious and simple meal to its source. In the making of this film, I visited a dairy farm, a mill/bakery, and a busy marina, all on Vancouver Island, and all within my 100-mile radius. I also spent time in the kitchen with Tina Biello, a busy working gal who makes time for her food, from growing her own veggies to learning about the production of local food for her favourite family recipes.”

Great work Jody! To all other video-minded foodists, please don’t hesitate to submit your videos of culinary-related commentary and adventures.


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