Deep Fried Everything at State Fair of Texas [Video]

Melody Fury Eats Texas State Fair

So I was thinking, of all places to visit in the US, what’s the most unlikely spot for me to take a vacation? Or better yet, where would I experience the most culture shock?

Why, Dallas Texas sounds shocking enough for a little Canadian girl that doesn’t own a car, only consumes one serving of meat a week, and only eats deep-fried food when I’m majorly intoxicated.

Texans are damn proud of their state. They take every measure to demonstrate how everything is indeed bigger in Texas, including their monstrous portion-sizes. Meanwhile, my body is accustomed to eating multiple small meals throughout the day and rarely over-eating.

For the love of misadventure, I threw all of my habits out the window and dove head-first into the infamous deep fryers at the notorious State Fair of Texas. While the average person seeks out the most delicious treats, I roamed the grounds for the most mind-bloggling and stomach-churning items.

Before entering, I was advised of 3 things:

1. This is the single most visit-worthy state fair (woohoo!)
2. They will deep fry anything remotely edible
3. Not to judge the rest of Texas according to my experience here

Don’t mess with Texas? Let’s see what happens when I do just that.


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