Get Out Your Rolling Pin

In a week’s time a lovely friend will be getting married at the charming Heritage Hall. As part of the bride and groom’s DIY approach to the day they have requested a helping hand from their guests on the topic of dessert. A pie social to ring in autumn. Makes me think of brass bands, big skirts, and stolen kisses. My plan is to bake a Spiced Pecan Bourbon Tart from the Complete Canadian Living Baking Book. Truly the best pecan pie I have ever rolled out. The combination of cinnamon and nutmeg, candied pecans and whispers of whiskey can do no wrong.

And what with Thanksgiving around the corner, there is no end to the possibilities of churning out pies. Why is it I only make pies during this small window? Never in the summer, never post-Thanksgiving. It seems like a shame, missing out on the peaches and berry concoctions. Pie has no season, so I need to change my approach. Especially considering the going rate of a pie. My mother texted me last week, horrified that Cascadia Bakery in Victoria (owned by Rebar) was selling pies for $25. I told her, oh that is a steal. Have you seen the price list at Aphrodite’s in Kits? They start at $25 and roll right up to $42 (Chocolate Banana Cream). Considering my mother makes the best pastry with very few ingredients, those prices just don’t add up. Time to get back to the basics. Maybe I will start with an old-fashioned apple. Lemon meringue to follow.



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