Contest: Spread the Love this summer.

Labour Day long weekend is around the corner, signalling the end of summer 2012. Vacations are ending, kids are back to school, and it’s time to get back into routines again. And for many that means reconsidering some eating habits picked up over the summer holidays. Enter Love Crunch, by organic cereals and granola producer Nature’s Path.

Having recently been redesigned with slick new packaging, the cereal inside is worth a closer look. According to the company, Love Crunch Granolas are USDA certified organic, containing no preservatives, additives or pesticides, as well as Non-GMO Project Verified. I think we can all agree this is healthy choice for breakfast or a snack.

We tried some samples here at Foodists HQ and liked them, although as a stand alone cereal, they leaned a little on the sweet side for our tastes. A full bowl seemed rather decadent, which makes sense if you consider that Nature’s Path markets the Love Crunch line as a “Premium Organic Granola” as opposed to a standard cereal. Sprinkled on yogurt or fruit, and Love Crunch is the perfect breakfast or healthy snack.

Win this gift basket filled with Love Crunch, granola bars, coupons and various swag from Nature's Path. Details below.

It’s been a hot summer for many of us, with lots of fun summer memories and food adventures, so let’s give away a big basket of Love Crunch.

HOW TO WIN(contest is open to residents of Canada only):

Comment on this post on tell us a story about your summer food adventures and/or tweet the following:

Spread the Love this summer! Tell your summer food adventure story to win a @NaturesPath gift basket from @Foodists

UPDATE: Congrats to Mojgan (@somethinglemon) who’s our winner of the @NaturesPath basket for her story of exploring food across Canada. Enjoy your yummy granola Mojgan!



8 Responses to “Contest: Spread the Love this summer.”

  1. Posted on August 27th, 2012

    I had a chance to take my visiting parents and wife up to Pemberton for the Outstanding in the Field Dinner at North Arm Farm. The chef was Melissa Craig of Barefoot Bistro in Whistler. The meal sat 113 people with stunning view and promoted the farm to plate idea, local food, and sustainability farming. It was fabulous! – Greg Ryder

    Here’s a couple pics:

  2. Posted on August 27th, 2012

    Ooooh. Summer food adventures…I would like to be classy and say my food adventures involved foie gras and sumac-infused, vodka-marinated halibut or some such thing…but the most adventurous eating I’ve done this summer is testing the amount of ketchup-drenched, mustard-laden hot dogs I can fit in my mouth. Is it lunch time already?

  3. Posted on August 27th, 2012

    My wife and son and I recently visited Portland. Normally the food highlight comes from discovering new food trucks or trying an outrageous combination at Voodoo Donuts. All tried and all pleasant. Sadly our favourite, Ziba’s Pitas, is no more.

    The highlight was discovering a funky, modestly dressed Thai restaurant about a block South of Powell’s. Thai Peacock is cheap with fast efficient service and uncomfortable seating. But it’s the only restaurant I have seen that serves both Singha and Chang and has by far the best Thai food I have eaten outside of Thailand.

  4. Posted on August 27th, 2012

    My best food moment was discovering a marinated tofu recipe, which I wrote up here:
    then bringing it to a potluck and finding it tasted amazing when paired with someone else’s lemon, feta, spinach salad. Nice to have a new set of flavours to play with. Then I ate it all summer, so it was an extended moment.

    The link has a picture of it.

  5. Posted on August 29th, 2012

    This summer I decided to explore Canada.

    I decided to explore Canada through cooking and so I set to travelling to the Atlantic provinces. I drove and drove and in each province I cooked with grandmothers and learned about the local cuisine of each Atlantic province. I made fish cakes with a dad in PEI, Jigg’s Dinner and Pease pudding in Newfoundland, Rappie’s Pie with an Acadian grandmother in Nova Scotia and mocha cakes in New Brunswick. I picked up some Dulse. And I drank a lot of local beer.

    And along the way, I was touched by how each grandmother opened their kitchen to me and in addition to teaching me how to cook these traditional meals, they shared family stories and histories of the region with me. I learned so much about Canada and I made new friends.

    I can’t wait to cook my way through the rest of the provinces and territories in Canada!

    If you know a grandmother who would be willing to cook with me let me know! I plan to come west next year.

  6. Posted on September 19th, 2012

    Summer food love:

    Our annual summer book club get-together, on a warm July evening in E’s backyard. Grilled ribs with E’s special sauce. Wild salmon on a cedar plank on the BBQ. Warmed blackberries on the side. Lime chutney. Corn on the cob. Sparkling wine.

    Simple food, a great Vancouver evening!

  7. Posted on September 23rd, 2012

    my summer food adventures always include trips to the Richmond night market(S!) and checking out the PNE. Deep fried miscellaneous foods are intriguing!

  8. Posted on September 25th, 2012

    Summer food adventure? How about ditching all plans once we found out that Vij’s food truck was down in Kits. Filling a bag with delicious indian- inspired food and finding the first park we could find on the gps. Ends up the park is the most lovely tucked away spot, with some of the best views of the water. All enjoyed to forkfuls of the most delicious food ever!

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