Improve Your Morel Standing

morel mushrooms
Do you like mushrooms? Well, it’s peak morel season now, my friends, and that means ridiculously low prices from the mushroom guy in Vancouver’s Granville Island Market.

You could drive into the wilderness, and risk life and limb clambering about on vertiginous slopes among the ruins of one of last year’s forest fires for these little bundles of umami-laden pure joy that evolved from yeast about fifty thousand years ago….but why? They’re twelve dollars a pound, for pete’s sake! Do not hesitate. Go to the Market, buy them, go home directly and sautee them whole with some butter, hit the pan with some chicken stock when you flip ’em. Then when the pan starts to go dry, deglaze with Marsala and mount sauce with a couple more knobs of butter, season to taste and you’re there.


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