Dirty Laundry Vineyard SOLD

Oh dear. I have no idea if this is good news or very bad news, but one of my favourite BC wineries, Dirty Laundry, was just sold. Beyond concerns that customer service may drop (they’re amazing), I do hope the quality of the Gewurtsraminer and Pinot Noir don’t suffer. This from their email blast today:

Dear Friends,

We are thoroughly pleased to announce that Dirty Laundry Vineyard has been
purchased by new owners as of Monday, September 25th. The new ownership team is lead by Bob Campbell, a lawyer and entrepreneur from Fort McMurray, Alberta. Bob is well versed in all things Okanagan. He has owned a home in the Valley since the 1970’s.

It is an exciting time for Dirty Laundry Vineyard, as Bob and his investor team have the vision and the wherewithal to bring this much-loved winery to an even higher level for both the winery experience and product quality.

A key benefit to the Dirty Laundry winery will be the integration of another 10 acre, prime location vineyard that the new owners bring with them into this venture.

During the ownership transition, wine quality remains a top priority. We have all taken special care to ensure that harvesting and winemaking practices remain intact throughout this year’s crush and winemaking season. Ron has agreed to one last Hurrah, supervising all of the 2006 crush. Additionally, Gary Strachan, a trusted winemaker friend of the winery has been appointed to the team to nurture the wines into the new year. He is extremely familiar with the property and we are confident that he will
produce an outstanding vintage for Dirty Laundry.

Judi Skinner, a long time employee of the winery will also stay on with the new firm. She is taking on the role of General Manager. You will be hearing from her as wines are released into the new year. Davis Maclean a familiar face behind the counter here at Dirty Laundry will be staying on and expanding his role to include some assistant winemaker duties.

As for the Watkins family – we plan to stay in Summerland, as we genuinely love it here. Being away from the farm will enable us to spend much more precious time with our lovely daughter, and the rest of our extended family. Inevitably, we will find ourselves on the other side of the sales counter at Dirty Laundry!

Thanks again to everyone for your wonderful support over the past five years, and do keep in touch with the winery. You won’t be sorry, as this forthcoming vintage looks…well…enchanting, and promises to be our very best yet!

Kindest regards,

Cher and Ron Watkins
Dirty Laundry Vineyard
7311 Fiske Street
Summerland, B.C. VOH 1Z2
Phone: (250) 494-8815
Fax: (250) 494-8850
Email: [email protected]


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