The Grains of the Danes


In Denmark there is a lot of great food, but more often than not when the clock strikes noon, Danish people sit down to enjoy some Smørrebrød. Smørrebrød is a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich. It is usually made with a single buttered slice of Rugbrød—a dark, whole-grain Danish rye bread—and will be topped with a variety of things: coldcuts, paté, fish, eggs, vegetables, pretty much anything. Smørrebrød is not a dish prepared by the uneducated, as most Danes will tell you that no two meats will be served on a single slice of bread, there are even rules regarding which sandwiches shall go on the same plate—commonly one meat, one fish, and one egg/vegetable—and any respectful chef must abide. They are light and tasty, but don’t even attempt to enjoy them unless there are a few cold glasses of Tuborg—the delicious Danish beer—nearby.


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