Happy Pi Day!

The Case of the 45 Minute Lemon Meringue Pie

March 14th is , a day to celebrate the great and never-ending number.   While I know it’s not “officially” a food celebration, I figure my BMath gives me permission share the day with my Foodist friends.  Besides, it’s common for math-friendly foodist folk to celebrate Pi Day with pie!  Lots of pie! 

Sweet or savoury, fruit or cream, quiche or tourtiere, today you have an excellent excuse to tuck into another slice.  And if you are super keen, you could always honour the math side by calculating the volume of your favourite slice. (Yes, you have to use pi to do that.)

Since we’re in a pie-mood, here is a round up of great Foodist posts about pie:

Happy Pi Day!  May your day be full of sumptuous fillings and flaky tenderness.


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