6 Months with Rouxbe

Well it’s a few months in and I’m starting to find my way around my kitchen. I’ve slowly progressed from prototypical bachelor life-style (pizza and Liptons Sidekicks) into someone who is increasingly becoming obsessed with fresh ingredients and kitchen essentials. Along with my involvement with Foodists, Rouxbe has been helping me along the way with some kick-ass recipes and a surprisingly effective cooking school.

I’ve blogged about my ongoing experiences with Rouxbe before and a few others are starting to catch on. I’m half way through all available lessons (currently riding an 88% average – way better than high school!)

One lesson sticks out like a sore thumb. The one on wheat kicked my ass! All the lessons are about the same level. A dedicated watch through the video and the test is usually a breeze but the one on wheat left me with marks I’m more familiar with. (C+’s and B’s). I’ve made good use of the Pasta, Pan Frying Sauces lessons and am looking forward to checking out salads/cold sauces and beef.

A few highlights…

Favourite recipes:

Upcoming lessons catching my eye:

Ongoing challenges include finding an endless supply of Fresh Herbs. Expensive to buy, fresh ones don’t keep for very long and they make everything better. Fellow Foodist Jer just put up a good article on this very topic on Foodists.

Future Projects:

Find more uses for my Mortar and pestle.
Venturing into baking for the first time in almost 10 years.
Cooking for more than one!

My only real complaint about Rouxbe is that I’ve seen most of the recipes more than once! Gotta get some more variety up there! Can’t wait to see more from their team.


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