Where Foodists shop in Vancouver

Where to shop in Vancouver -

Where to shop in Vancouver -

A long time ago, I posted a European Food Shopping Tour to Urban Vancouver. More recently, I’ve been comparing notes and figuring that it’s time to start sharing local sources of great ingredients.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that Anthony had never been to the Freybe Outlet Store, even though it’s a block and a half from his house. Or that I took James to Famous Foods for the first time.

Add in Ben’s post about his meat and patisserie run where he rattles off a slew of great places, and it’s all pushed me over the edge.

May I present to you the Great Ingredients Map of Vancouver:

View Great Ingredients of Vancouver by in a larger map

For now, I’ve left the map fully editable by everyone. I’ve added in a couple of farmers markets, but we really need them all. Any other source of great ingredients is fair game – try and add a sentence or two to the description when you add an item to the map to let us know why we should go to a particular store.

For instance, you can go to Columbus Meats for the homemade smoked capicolla that Ben recommends, or you can go there to pick up some Belmont steaks.

Don’t limit yourself to “city limits”. If you’ve got a great farm gate grower to recommend, add them to the map. I’ve added Hopcott Meats out in Pitt Meadows, where you can see the cows and then go inside and buy the beef.

What are you waiting for? Go edit the map, or leave a rating/comment on it directly.


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