Ube Ice Cream: It’s Purple & Delicious

Selecta - Ube Royale Ice Cream

Selecta - Ube Royale Ice Cream

I’m what you might call an ice cream fanatic and despite being lactose intolerant, I will never turn a scoop of it down. I’m also an Ube fanatic and for those of you who’ve followed along, I’ll spare you the description. Given those facts, it may seem natural that I would search out and consume a combination of the two. Well… I found it. It’s amazing.

I’m fortunate enough to have been welcomed into a Chinese-Filipino family and with it comes a tremendous honour, a surrogate father who knows where to shop. Most notably he’s pointed me in the direction of “Great One Supermarket” (On Park Rd., a block away from Richmond Centre Mall), a place that not only carries a great selection of fruit, produce, meat, and seafood, but also a lot of hard-to-find Filipino treats. It was there that I found “Ube Royale.”

“Eww, it’s purple… and isn’t ube a yam?”

Put plainly, yes, Ube Royale is yam ice cream. Although that might scare you away, you’re in for a treat if it doesn’t. It’s rich, it’s creamy, and it has a smooth, blended texture that makes it a little easier to palate than most ube treats (you know, yam ice cream that doesn’t taste like mashed potatoes).  I recommend getting a litre (or two) the next time you’re in Richmond… or Manila.

Can you recommend any other ube-based treats? I’m always on the lookout.


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