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I have recently fallen in love with Philadelphia. The affair has been going on for a year now. The charm, the history but most importantly the food – particularly the infamous Philly cheese steak sandwich.

On a recent venture to find the very best Philly cheese steak, I of course was inundated with opinions. Depending who you speak to the best is found at Geno’s or Pat’s, longtime rivals for the number one spot. However, I lucked out when speaking to an honest local as I was peering into one of these spots. He told me to save my appetite because the best is actually at Jim’s on South Street. He said it was the most authentic cheese steak Philly had to offer and then warned me to go before noon or I would be waiting awhile as the line slinks out the door and around the corner. So I took him up on his guidance and headed to Jim’s the next day for lunch – am I glad I did!

Lou making my sandwich

Jim’s has been around since 1939 in the same location you will find it today. To be honest it doesn’t look like it has had an update for 70 years but that is definitely part of it’s charm. The walls are lined with pictures of who’s who from back in the day up to the present. As I lined up to place my order many had opinions of what I should get on my sandwich seeing how I was a novice they all wanted their voices to be heard as theirs was no doubt the best way. I was told to have provolone, onions even mushrooms but after much contemplation I asked Lou, what to do since he was making my sandwich. He gave me a traditional with Whiz – yes Cheese Whiz!!! So good! They heat up the Cheese Whiz (the can sits on the grill), which gets slathered on an open-faced white hoagie bun. Lou then added the cooked steak and optional fried onions, nothing complicated – absolute simple goodness.  It was fantastic and all for $8!! It was so good that I often fantasize about it and can not wait to head to Philly just to have another. If you are ever on your way to Philadelphia try Geno’s or Pat’s  but before you do head to Jim’s, I promise you will not be disappointed!


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  1. Posted on September 19th, 2010

    Thanks for the post! I had never heard of cheez whiz on a cheesesteak, so I did a quick google – and was led down this long, argumentative, and fascinating rabbit-hole:

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