Little Nest


I’m sure there’s a place like Little Nest in every neighbourhood. You know, that around-the-corner cafe where neighbours gather for breakfast and coffee. A sunny, friendly kind of place where you’re always guaranteed a smile. Where there are fresh-baked muffins on the counter, baked by a former pastry chef at Lumiere. That place with the perfect, rich scrambled eggs, served with brie, caramelized onions, and roasted peppers. A cozy local where you can enjoy a morning meal under the shade of the snap dragons.

What? You don’t have a place like that? Well, I’m happy to say that we do. Little Nest opened 10 weeks ago on Charles street, a short half-block from the bustle of Commercial Drive. This particular location has been home to more restaurants than I can count – all of which couldn’t seem to make it work. It looks like Mary and the folks at Little Nest have a winning combination, though, and I suspect they’ll be around for a while (even the Globe & Mail has taken note). The restaurant prides itself in being kid-friendly, so bring the whole family down for breakfast.

Little Nest, 1716 Charles Street, tel: 604.251.9994,


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