Fat, appreciated


This is one highly enjoyable read that is informative, fascinating and hunger inducing. Now, it’s also a 2009 James Beard Foundation Book Award winner. (This book was already noted in a previous Foodists article by Alexa Clark.) Well-written and researched by the skinny Jennifer McLagan, she talks about the positive attributes of fat. Specifically, that certain fats are good for health, all the flavor is in the fat, and that fat in reasonable amounts can be enjoyed often in tandem with an active lifestyle (something we don’t get enough of). That being said, the book covers various kinds of fat by chapter (butter, pork, poultry, beef & lamb), and includes historical references and variations (ghee vs. clarified butter) concluding with recipes.

To see more of the book interior, visit the McClelland website for more deets. For other book reviews, visit Amazon. For great french food go to Les Faux Bourgeois. Wait, that’s another Foodists article…. Happy Fat Appreciating!


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