Oops. Gravy too salty? Add potato!

This holiday season my sister and I collaborated on Christmas dinner for our family—about 20 people this year! To our chagrin, our gravy made from the turkey drippings became too salty as it simmered away, reducing to the perfect consistency. Seriously though, we never should have added any salt until the very end and as a result, it was blow your head of salty. We tried adding sugar and cream, but still had a salty gravy. What to do?

Ages ago I heard someone mention that you could extract salt from soups and sauces by adding chopped raw potato for awhile, then removing it—something about the potato absorbing the surrounding salt. I never really believe it would work all that well, but was a little desperate as hungry family members stared at us eagerly. “Dad! Get me a couple potatoes, quick!” said I. Chop chop and into the gravy, simmer and stir for 15 more minutes and I swear, the saltiness was cut way down. In fact, it was nearly perfect. Amazing. And those potatoes? They were rather tasty themselves! A bit salty though…


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