Essential Viewing: Dan Barber’s “A surprising parable of foie gras”

A truly inspirational talk by chef Dan Barber recounting a trip that he took to a goose farm in the Extremadura region of Spain run by Eduardo Sousa who not only produces a humane foie gras, but the best foie gras that Barber has ever had in his life; actually he corrects himself: “the best culinary experience of my life”. In fact, it is a foie gras that created mass scandal in France by claiming its highest gastronomic honour. And best of all, it is a foie gras that is rooted in almost mythical origins.

After viewing this and after having had the pleasure of talking with a number of my fellow contributors at the recent launch about organic produce and local farming and the unquestionable difference in quality that such practices bring about, I would like to think that the values and ideas that Barber offers forth are very much in line with what we at believe food should be; that the language surrounding this site extends beyond that of mere extended pun and that we are in fact exploring a more spiritual side of food and its production, of how nature offers us viable solutions and how, as Barber so eloquently puts it, “the best decisions are almost always the most delicious.”


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