Sauteed Sablefish with Warm Vegetable Salad and Bacon Vinaigrette

Sable filet, skin on
Haricot Vert
Fennel Fronds
Pea Shoots

For the Bacon Vinaigrette:
2 strips Sloping Hill Farm bacon, diced, rendered
1/2 T Honey
1/4 C Champagne vinegar or Verjus
Rendered bacon fat
Olive oil to taste

The bacon vinaigrette can be made in advance.

Blanch haricot vert and reserve, blanch peas and reserve. Season sable with salt and sear skin-side down. If filet is an inch or more thick, transfer saute pan into 400 degree oven when skin begins to crisp. Cook to medium rare- medium. While fish is cooking shave fennel into salad bowl. Remove fish from oven, put skin side down on a tea/paper towel. Toss peas and haricot vert in saute pan to warm up. Once warm, put in salad bowl, add pea shoots and toss with vinaigrette. Plate salad with sable on top and garnish with pea shoots. Serve with rich chardonnay from Agricola Marrone, 2005 Memundis.


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  1. Posted on April 17th, 2010

    none of these are spring vegetables

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